Your Baby at 11 months old

Your baby at 11 months old would be more as an explorer. He/she would move swiftly around the room, using the furnitures as his support, and stand alone momentarily, or may be able to standalone well. He would slowly and gently lower himself to the ground, and there could be chances that some may walk … Read more

Your Baby at 10 months old

Your baby at 10 months old may be able to pull up to a standing position from sitting. He/she may be better at crawling and is able to propel himself along the floor. Your baby could get into a sitting position from the stomach. He/she can now stand holding on to someone or something for … Read more

Your Baby at 9 months old

Your  baby at 9 months old, may be able to respond to a one-step command with gestures, like “clap hands”, ‘wave bye-bye”. He/she can turn around while crawling, moves the entire body comfortably around the room. Gets into a siting position from stomach. Makes a steppingresponse when held under the arms Shows interest in climbing … Read more

Your Baby at 8 months old

Your baby at 8 months old will have much improved leg and foot power, so would be pushing to move around and explore. He would venture to go around exploring, crawling up a storm. He/she would be crawling forwards and backwards, andpulls himself to standing, although he will find it much hard than anticipated. He/she … Read more

Your Baby at 7 months old

  Your baby at 7 months old is able to put anything in his/her mouth, at this age.  He/she begins to use finger and thumb in a pincer, claw-like movement. He/she is more accurate when using fingers to feed himself. Is able to feed himself/herself crackers. Is ableto rake a raisin and pick it up … Read more

Your Baby at 6 months old

  The same basic guidelines will continue to apply to your baby at 6 months old. If stimulating a baby in the first few months of life takes creativity, it would take sophistication in your approach to a baby reaching the half-year mark. Your baby is ready to take an active role in the learning … Read more