Who Makes The Best Car Seat Stroller Combo


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Who Makes The Best Car Seat Stroller Combo

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Child safety seat, otherwise known as baby car seat is a seat designed specifically for the protection of babies from injury or death during vehicle collisions. It is a state jurisdiction to require parents or guardians to use government-approved child safety seat when in a motorized vehicle. Child safety seats provide restraints and must be properly used to be effective.

In the 1930s, child seats were manufactured not for safety of the children but its purpose was to act as booster seats, to bring the child to a height that will be easier for the driving parent to view them.

However, in 1962, there were two car seat designs that were developed. A British inventor, Jean Ames created a car seat for the purpose of protecting a baby. A rear-facing child seat with a Y-shaped strap similar to today’s model was created. An American inventor, Leonard Rivkin, designed a forward-facing seat with a metal frame to protect the child. The car seats were available, but few parents used them

Types of Car Seats

There are several types of car seats, which vary in the position of the child and the size of the seat.

Group O baby seats, or infant carriers, keep the baby locked up in a rear-facing position and are secured in place by a seat belt.

There are babies who cannot tolerate rear-facing infant carrier. This means that the baby would be having desaturations (decrease in the level of a baby’s circulating oxygen), or the baby’s heart rate goes below normal, or in other cases, some babies would have periodic breathing while in the car seat. So the alternative would be a carrycot. Carrycots hold the baby lying on its back. Carrycots are secured by both seat belts in the rear seat of the car. Both types have handles to allow them to be easily moved into and out of the car.

Position : Lying (in carrycots)

Rear-facing (in infant carriers)

Recommended weight: Birth to 10 kg (22 lb)

Approximate age: Birth to 15 months


Group O+ car seats – commonly have a chassis permanently fixed into the car by an adult seat belt and can be placed into some form of baby transport. Rear-facing child seats are inherently safer than forward-facing child seats because they provide more support for the child”s head in the event of a sudden deceleration.
Position : Sitting, rear-facing, no airbag (except for curtain airbags

Recommended weight: Birth(2-3 kg) to 13 kg (29 lb)

For age: Birth to15 months

Convertible seats

Convertible seats can be used throughout many stages. Many convertible seats will transition from rear-facing seat, to a forward-facing seat, and some then can be used as a booster seat. Many convertible seats allow 2.3-18 kg (5-40 lb) rear-facing position up to a weight of 18 kg (40 lbs).
It is not considered the best choice for a newborn because the bottom harness slots are often above the shoulders of most newborns.

Booster Seats – are recommended for children until they are big enough to properly use a seat belt. Seat belts are engineered for adults, and thus too big for small children. There are two main types of boosters : high back (some of which have energy absorbing foam) and no back.

Who makes the best car seat stroller combo

1) Doona Car Seat Stroller Combo –                       

The car seat weighs only16.5 lbs

Suitable for babies between 4 lbs to 35 lbs. and max 32 inches in height

Removable and washable stretch material canopy

From car seat to stroller in seconds – 5-point harness, adjustable handlebar

2) Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System
4 in 1 for newborn lightweight travel

Recommended infant weight : 4 to 35 lbs.

Transform your stroller into car seat in one simple motion – 5 point harness, side-impact protection

3) Evenflo Gold Revolve 360 Rotational All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat
Offers 10 years of use, and 3 modes – Rear Facing (4 to 40 lbs), Forward Facing (22 yo 65 lbs), and Booster (40 to 120 lbs)

A rotating car seat makes it easier to get to your child in and out of the car in every mode – 360 degree swivel rotation

4) Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel System, Doodle Dots
Stroller designed for children up to 50 lbs and up to 42″

Dual front wheels for superior maneuverability

Age Range : Baby, Kid

5) Graco Modes Pramette Travel System 
3 strollers in 1: Infant Car Seat Carrier, Infant Pramette, and Toddler Stroller to stroll from infant to toddler

Reversible stroller seat can face parent or the world for just the right ride

For infants 4 to 35 lbs and up to 32″

5 – point Harness Type

6) Baby Trend Sky View Plus Travel System, Bluebell 
Height adjustable handle, Extra large storage basket

Attach the EZ Flex-Lock 32 lbs Infant Car Seat to the stroller’s child tray to help even your tiniest passenger have a secure ride

5 – point Harness Type

Age Rang : Baby, Infant

7) Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System with Onboard 35 LT Infant Seat 

8 easy strolling options: carriage, infant seat carrier, travel system and stroller (all reversible)

For infants 4 to 35 lbs

No adapters needed: car seat and stroller seat both click directly and easily onto the stroller frame

Lightweight and easy to carry seat: carry weight is 7.5 lbs

8) Baby Trend Nexton Travel System
Multi-position, reclining, padded seat and fully adjustable 5 – point safety harness and tether strap

For infants 5 to 30 lbs

Large soft head support for the car seat or the stroller

9) Britax B-Lively and B-Safe Gen2 Travel System
All – wheel suspension and a lightweight design

For infants 4 to 35 lbs

Features a sturdy build with a high-strength steel reinforced base and safe cell crumple zone for peace of mind

5 – point Harness Type

10) Graco modes element lx travel system

v                                                                                  3 stroller in 1: Infant car seat carrier, Infant stroller, and Toddler Stroller to stroll from infant to toddler

Reversible stroller seat : can face parent or the world, for just the right ride as baby grows

For infants 4 to 35 lbs up to 32″

5 -point Harness Type

All babies and toddlers should be placed in a car rear-facing car safety seats as long as possible until they reach the highest weight and height allowed. Most convertible seats allow children to ride rear-facing for 2 or more years, as generally their spine is still developing and their head is large compared to the rest of their body, and is at high risk for injury in a car crash.

The safest place for your baby is securely strapped into a rear-facing car seat. These car seats support their head, neck and spine. So they are protected if the car is involved in a frontal crash – the most common type of car crash.

The best car safety seat is the one that fits your baby and is installed correctly in your car.

Installing seat in a car

*  Tightly install car seat in a rear-facing position in the back seat of a car

* Car Seat should not move more than 1 inch side-to-side

* Car seat should recline according to manufacturer’s instructions

* If allowed in your car, place car seat in the center position of the back seat

Did you know that every car seat has an expiration date? As a car seat ages, the materials may become brittle and break. Check for information on your car seat with the model name, model number, date of manufacture, and expiration date. And make sure you register your car seat with the manufacturer. That way you will be notified about any recalls

Find a car seat fitting station and let the certified child-passenger safety technician help you. Consult your hospital or police safety officer.

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