6 thoughts on “Babies Buddies”

  1. Maria,

    I enjoyed learning about all things, babies and exploring the quintessential items involved.
    They are our prized possessions. Are you aware of the fact that many children nowadays are
    raised by their grandparents.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise.


    • Hello Rachele! Thank you for visiting my website! I hope I was able to help you somehow.With regards to your niece, Shea, is she having her first baby? Does she have a baby registry? I refer you to my first article, “Gizmos for babies that parents may want” There are list of gadgets that she will need for her baby. If she has some other concerns, please feel free torch out to me.

      • Maria,

        Thanks for sharing your website. It is a great resource for new mommies. They are going to love finding the answers to their baby questions.
        Your website will make a lot of moms happy. Oftentimes, moms don’t realize what goes into being a mom. It involves long hours and lots of tender loving care.
        Also, it can be a great resource for grandmoms as well.


        • Hello Rachele! Thank you for visiting my website!
          It is my pleasure to be a resource to parents, beginning parents and the entire family, as they experience its challenges, and eventually experience the joy of parenthood. This is my way of giving back.
          I hope my website offered you what you needed.


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