Your Baby at 5 months old

Your baby at 5 months will be demonstrating the fun characteristics that started at 4 months with more established features. You will see more smiles and giggles. As your baby see your fun reactions towards what he/she is doing, the more surprising tricks will begin to come out.   What Your Baby May Be Doing at … Read more

Your Baby at 4 months old

As your baby reach the fourth month, you will find that your baby is more interactive and social with almost everyone. The giggles, the laughing out loud, the squealing in delight would echo in the entire house. Be prepared for more amazing milestones at this age. What Your Baby May Be Doing At 4 Months … Read more

Your Baby at 3 months old

It is the third month, which at this point, mom and baby must have established a routine schedule. Mom had expected her baby’s daily routine and rhythm ~ the time her baby wakes up in the morning, the baby’s feeding time, nap time, play time, bath time. Feedings, bath, outings, playtime, bedtime should come at … Read more

Your baby at 2 months old

You survived the first month. Both you and the baby got a passing grade on your baby’s first month of check up. Everything is going well. The confidence in taking care of the little one is slowly creeping up. What must we observe in babies at 2 months of age? Cooing The gurgling noise and … Read more

Your Baby at 1 month old

Today is exactly a month since you gave birth. As you get your baby ready for the routine doctor’s visit, you can’t help but smile, “You survived a month, and it wasn’t even bad. Your baby appears healthy. It was an uneventful one-month. Baby”s Eyes My baby was ignoring the colorful mobile by the crib. … Read more

Popular Gifts for Baby Shower

Amazon disclosure : As an Amazon Associate, I earn from this purchase One of the exciting part of having a baby is a baby shower. It has become a tradition to all family and friends, to come together to share the joy of the pregnancy. As an expecting mother, one of the things I am … Read more